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27 January 2020 - 13 March 2020
Sustainable Food Production

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Sustainable Food Production

Cultivating strong Canada-UK co-innovation projects to improve productivity and sustainability of crop and livestock (including aquaculture) systems.

These match-making events brings together companies from Canada and the UK interested in collaborating to create globally competitive innovations in Agricultural Technologies. 

Sectors of focus

  • Agricultural/Aquaculture Technologies
  • Agronomics
  • Crop Development
  • Indoor Farming / Greenhouse Technologies
  • Precision / Smart Agriculture

Technologies addressed

  • digital technologies that combine artificial intelligence or big data and engineering solutions with biological, environmental and/or social science to drive productivity
  • technologies and solutions that connect farms and supply chains
  • technologies from another sector transferred into agriculture, providing this requires innovation

Why participate?

  • Find partners - find partners with complementary capabilities that enhance your technology or market reach
  • Gain market insight - develop in-country relationships that provide trusted market insight
  • Secure project funding - understand how co-innovation can be supported by the British and Canadian governments

How can you benefit from this event?

  • Raise awareness internationally of your current capabilities
  • Gain insight into emerging technology and market trends internationally
  • Meet companies that align with your technological growth strategy
  • Define collaborative projects that may secure government investment in your growth


Closed since 13 March 2020

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Canada 62
United Kingdom 43
United States 2
Total 107


Livestock Innovator 18
Crop Innovator 12
Equipment Innovator 31
Aquaculture Innovator 4
Service Innovator 22
Funding/Support Agency 20
Total 107